Our Wines

Giles E. Warner

Made from primarily Cayuga White with a touch of Seyval Blanc, this is a truly elegant white wine with delicate touches of citrus and orange peel. Dry clean, clear and crisp. Pairs nicely with seafood, mild cheeses and light appetizers.

Yankee Boy White

A blend of Cayuga white, Seyval Blanc, and Vidal Blanc, this slightly sweet, full bodied white wine is rich with apple and pear flavors. Excellent with fish, poultry or as a sipping wine.

Yankee Girl Blush

A blend of Cayuga White, Dechaunac Red, and Catawba grapes this wine exhibits nice floral and fruit notes with aromas of peach and melon. This wine shows great balance of fruit and acidity and pairs nicely with spicy cuisine.

Massetts Cranberry

This blend of 90% Cayuga White and 10% locally grown Massachusetts cranberries is nicely balanced and both sweet and tart. The rich flavors compliment a variety of foods and is also a great wine to pair with your Thanksgiving feast as well as dessert.

Hardwick Red

This dry red wine displays a rich bouquet of berry and plum. With a full bodied flavor, this wine will age well and can be enjoyed with red meats, wild game and rich sauces.

Quabbin Native

The Catawba grape variety used to make this wine lends itself to a delightful, bright, fresh and fruity rose. This wine exhibits aromas of wild grapes and fresh raspberries.

Pear Wine

This semi-dry white wine combines French Hybrid grape varieties with our Heirloom pears and Bartlett pears resulting in a juicy yet savory explosion of fruit. It exhibits vibrant notes of pear and would be excellent paired with fresh salads and appetizers or simply to enjoy as a sipping wine.

Baystate Blueberry

This blend is a perfectly balanced semi-dry red wine that exhibits aromas of fresh berries and plum. It’s medium bodied profile is a beautiful combination of soft tannins and vibrant fruit which pairs nicely with red meats, strong cheeses, wild game as well as turkey and pork tenderloin.

Harvest Maple

A light white wine infused with local maple syrup, semi-sweet pairs well with maple glazed salmon, herb crusted pork loin and warm apple crisp.

Hardwick Pumpkin

This semi-dry white wine blend is made with fresh pumpkin and Autumn spices. It’s slightly sweet, full-bodied taste profile makes it the perfect wine to pair with chicken, pork and turkey.