The Perfect Recipe for a Great Girls Night Out

Here at Hardwick Vineyard and Winery we are lucky to have great customers of all types.  Our tasting room and deck are often filled with groups of friends, families and even coworkers. One of the most common, and one of our favorite groups to entertain are groups of girls out for a night of fun.  Having seen so many groups like this and hosted a few “Girls Night Out” events we’ve learned a few things that seem to add up to one fantastic girls night out.

  1. Good Friends – This may sound obvious, but 1956798_632499113498166_5949659823878303864_owhen planning a girls night out it’s important to remember that the best girls night’s happen when you’re with the best of friends.  Whether it’s a few best friends or a group of close friends, be sure to include girls that are close enough to be comfortable with one-another and enjoy each other’s company.  A good girl’s night embraces fun but avoids drama—inviting the right group of friends can help make this happen.
  2. A Theme – Choosing a theme can help set the stage for the entire night.   A theme could be as simple as saying that the evening will be a “relaxing girls night” or a “night out on the town”.  Immediately this information provides a framework for expectations and insight regarding what the evening will include.  By taking the theme one step further to become a genre theme like “80’s”, “country”, or even “a fiesta”,  the event will practically plan itself.  This will help dictate not just the tone of the evening but also outfits, activities, food and drinks!
  3. Memorable Location – The best girls nights will result in memories that last a lifetime.  To help these memories take hold be sure to choose a location that set’s your night apart from the norm. Here at Hardwick Vineyard and Winey, our outdoor deck has proven to be the perfect location for gatherings.  Our historic mansion in its beautiful rural setting provides visitors with a view they can’t help but remember.
  4. Fun Activities – Including a planned activity or two can help encourage interaction, keep your mind sharp, and make time fly.  Whether it’s attending a paint nite, participating in a wine tasting or playing some fun games—including an activity that encourages fun times and laughter is a must at any great girls night.
  5. 1956798_632499113498166_5949659823878303864_oGreat Food – To be sure the girls stay happy and the mood stays upbeat having delicious snacks or food is key.  A girl’s night that begins before mealtime should include meal options—something to consider when choosing a location.  If you’re location doesn’t offer meals you can always plan to bring a picnic (we always recommend picking sandwiches up from Clover Hill or Rose 32 if you’re headed to HVW), or munch on snacks like cheese and crackers or veggies an hummus. If the night has a theme you can even choose a location and a cuisine to match that theme!  For example, having a “country” themed night out?  Kick you’re night off at a BBQ joint! 
  6. Top Notch Drinks – The perfect drink can be an instant que to relax and have some fun.  We’ve found that often guests at our Sangria Sundays smile a bit wider after just the first sip of our delicious Peach Sangria.  Sangria is always a great option for themed fiesta and a favorite wine is always an option but we know that a drink menu with variety for all taste buds is always a win.  Remember that not all girl’s nights include alcohol…but they all include delicious drinks and a lot of girl talk!